What is The List?

  • 1995

    Frustrated by a lack of community infrastructure, Hannah Doress begins emailing a compiled list of events and activist missives to her network of friends.This email list grows larger and becomes an email events newsletter named “Hannah’s List” under Hanarchy Now Productions

  • 1996

    Hannah incorporates volunteer editors and writers including Jody Sperber, Lisa Gay, Jen Langley and Eve Alpern.

    Hannah’s List begins publishing three weekly editions (classifieds, housing, events)

  • 1999-2000

    Radcliffe Institute’s Schlesinger Library archives Hanarchy Now Production’s materials.

    Hannah moves to California. She creates a transition team that includes Eve Alpern and Kristen Porter, along with Amatul Hannan, Gail Burton and Michelle Oshima.

    Hannah received award for Transgender Inclusion in the List and events.

  • 2000-2013

    Transition committee maintains list publication under Executive Publisher Eve Alpern and longtime publisher Jen Langley. “Hannah’s List” name becomes “The List: Boston’s Queer Agenda”. A new logo and website are launched. Guest contributors write featured missives.

    Kristen Porter/Dyke Night Productions holds a fundraiser to support annual expenses for the List, sets up a fiscal sponsorship for The List, and provides ongoing financial support.

  • 2013

    Longtime publishers Jen Langley and Eve Alpern retire.
    Working with Hannah Doress they execute the plan to transition to Kristen Porter /Dyke Night TM Productions.

  • 2014

    Kristen brings on a new team of volunteers.
    Subscribers surveyed.
    New feature to Dyke Night’s smart phone app for community members to add events.
    New website launched
    Former lists resurrected

  • 2015-2016

    New volunteers join the team.
    New Facebook Page with daily posts.

    GoFundMe page helps raise costs to keep List free for members.