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One time text based events and housing listings from subscribers are free.  For a nominal contribution you can add a flyer or photo or post a classifieds ad.  If you submit regular listings that charge a fee (weekly or monthly) or you are not a LGBTQ-specific organization/event, we are thrilled to support you when you support us. This means a sponsorship is required – if it is a one time event $25 or if you submit regularly we can create a sponsor package for you (see 2018_List_Sponsor_Packages) that will provide lots of perks for very little $ (less than 5 bucks a week) and provides you access to over 5,000 Queers weekly and supports the volunteer efforts of queer people (see Support).

If you are posting a listing that is not specifically a LGBTQ event or you are not a LGBTQ organization/person, please specify that in the post (e.g., “LGBTQ friendly” or “LGBTQ ally”)

Please understand that as a volunteer driven service, your listing may end up with an error, typo, or on the wrong date. Although this rarely happens, if it happens to you, we are sorry but cannot repost The List for that week.

To make a contribution for listing:
Venmo @Kristen-Porter-Presents
Paypal to kristen at dykenight dot com (add 3% unless you send it to “friend.”)

The Queer Agenda has three lists. The weekly Events list goes out the Thursday or Friday and provides 2 weeks of events.  The Housing & Classifieds List goes out the 1st of each month and is a combined List. Please note: The List does not tolerate discrimination- and therefore if your listing is not inclusive, this is not the right vehicle for you. We will not post listings that exclude members, for instance, women-only, women-born women, etc.

Please select the list that best suits your posting.

Housing List Submissions

The Housing List is published on the 1st of each month.

Your text listing is free.  Please consider supporting our efforts by boosting your listing including to include a photo, FB post, or to have your listing run for more than the one issue,  see 2019_Housing_List_Ads

REALTOR?  Please see our realtor sponsor program 2019_Realtor_Ad

Submit 5 days in advance of the 1st to be included.

NOTE: discrimination is illegal in housing ads. You may not list specific types of people that you’re looking for or not looking for for example “Seeking female, only gay, no trans, no kids, etc…”. We will not post any ads that do not comply with this law.

Here is the format to submit your event listing:

Maximum 200 words
Subject Line: Housing [WANTED or NEEDED or FOR SALE or AIRBnB or VACATION] [Insert town or city]
Email text:
Type of housing: apartment/coop/house
Description: include current living situation, desired qualities in new roommate, apartment
restrictions, personal interests, lifestyle, pets/no pets etc.
Date available:
Accessibility info: [MBTA, bus line, handicapped accessibility, etc]
Contact Information: name and email/phone:

To submit to the Housing list email

Classified List Submissions

The Classifieds List is published on the 1st of each month. Ads can run for 3, 6,  or 12 months.

For fee and submission info click below for

2019_ClassifiedsAdRates (Services, Books & Products, Volunteer Opportunities, and Research Studies)


Submit 5 days in advance of the 1st to be included.

Here is the format to submit your event listing:

Subject Line: Classified [Insert category: Service, Paid Job, Volunteer/Internship, Grant, For Sale, Misc]
Email text: Maximum 200 words
Contact info: this may include website, FB page, email, phone, etc. as applicable
[If you submit a job posting- be sure to include specific info on how/where people can apply]
Your Identity: If you are posting a service, please include your personal identity with your contact information (for example: are you a member of the LGBTQ community, a LGBTQ owned or staffed business, or a supporter/ally).

To submit to the Classifieds list email

Event List Submissions

Submit by Wednesday to go out in the Friday Eblast-the Events List is a Friday to Friday weekly eblast.

Here is the format to submit your event listing:

Please see above to see if your listing requires a sponsorship. If not, and you would like sponsor benefits like including a flyer/photo/logo (starts at just $25) see 2018_List_Sponsor_Packages

(do not include headings)

Subject line (of your email): DATE OF THE EVENT

Body of Email:

Date of Event:  (or dates. For weekly or ongoing events, an email at minimum monthly is needed to keep your listing active):

Title of Event:

Start Time AND End Time:


Location of Event:

Web page:

Contact person: (if applicable)

Accessibility info: ARE ALL GENDER BATHROOMS available, is it wheelchair accessible including entry and bathrooms, if it is a spoken event is there ASL interpretation, is the event ALL AGES, 18+, 21+, family friendly, the more details you can provide the better.

Event Blurb: Short blurb about event—no more than 150 words.

To submit to the Events list email