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The List: Boston’s Queer Agenda is a free weekly email calendar of events, a monthly email for Housing wanted or to offer, and a monthly Classifieds with jobs, groups and more for in and around the Boston region. The List encourages networking and centralizes information about upcoming events, volunteer and job opportunities, apartment postings and community announcements. 

The List is an entirely volunteer-run publication. We take no responsibility for the information shared in The List, so use at your own risk.


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Our Mission

The List: Boston’s Queer Agenda integrates the arts, Internet technology and social change to create cultural activism with a particular eye towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, alternative, women’s, and progressive communities, including our allies.


The List is an entirely volunteer-run publication. We incur monthly costs for the website domain, host and listserv that need to be raised every year (our time is free!). Your contribution is warmly accepted–we thank you!

What would be a good amount?
For subscribers, think about it this way —have you met some new friends by attending a Queer Agenda event? Perhaps you found a new roommate? We publish 52 event lists per year, 12 classifieds lists and 12 housing lists for a total of 72 lists per year. Would you say that is worth a cup of coffee a month? Multiply the cost of a coffee by 12 for a year’s contribution. Or maybe you’d value it at $1 per list times the 72 lists per year?  Consider a minimum of $10 or $50 per year.

Submitting a listing? consider adding a photo, flyer, or business card to your add- those additional contributions support our costs and start at just a $25 contribution. Download our contributions sheet here: addphotosgraphics

For Event posts, if the event has a fee, contribute the equivalent of one admission fee for every week you run the listing or $10 for each week, whichever is greater. List sponsorship starts at just $25. List Sponsors have special listing benefits like including a JPG photo, logo, or flyer  in an Events Listing). Download our Sponsorship options here: 2016_List_Sponsor_Packages

You can contribute to The List via this link: GO FUND ME.

If you’d prefer to write a check, contact us for instructions.
Big love for your contribution- all our volunteers work really hard to provide this service to you. Never feel you can’t subscribe to The List if you can’t contribute at this time. Give more if you can or less if you can’t.

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